Design Intent
The Moss Side Residential Site is a large, untouched, tract of land located in Northwest Athens, GA. This 46-acre site, which sits adjacent to US-129, includes forests full of abundant hardwood tree specimens, a large body of water, and several vantage points offering scenic views of the whole site. For this design, I chose to use the spaces as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, while salvaging much of the existing natural landscape.
This design features the use of several pocket neighborhoods. These pockets allow the residents to experience a sense of community, while using much less area than typical neighborhood layouts. Pocket neighborhoods ensure that each residence has direct access to a community greenspace while being conscious of lot sizes. Each pocket has a large greenspace and a pavilion, keeping the vehicular traffic away the space's users. This community also features several miles of walking trails, an amenity area with a pool and tennis courts, and a large body of water that can be used recreationally.
1.) Large Recreational Body of Water
2.) Community Pool and Tennis Courts
3.) Several Miles of Nature Trails 
4.) On-Street Parking Along Main ROW
5.) Pocket Neighborhoods and Conventional Lots
6.) Several Acres of Conserved Natural Land
Lot Layout
This non-illustrative master plan shows every lot, zoned either RS-5 or RS-3. It also shows the roadways, including on-street parking, sidewalks, and planting buffers. This design features 13 pocket neighborhoods, along with 11 single family homes with garages (SFD).
Site Stats:
100 Residential Lots
42 (RS-5)        58 (RS-3)
13 Pocket Neighborhoods
11 Single Family w/ Garage (SFD)
2.7 acres of Community and Amenity Space
21.2 Conserved Natural Landscape

Amenity Area Features:
1.) Large Clubhouse for Community Use
2.) Tennis Courts
3.) Large Pool, Kiddie Pool, and 2 Hot-Tubs
4.) Ample Parking
5.) Round-a-Bout Drop Off Zone
6.) Walking Trails

Site Grading Plans
Horizontal Alignment of Roads
Vertical Alignment of Roads
Vertical and Horizontal Alignments made using DOSBox and Roadworks.

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