Throughout my last two semesters at the University of Georgia, I have been enrolled in service-learning studio classes. We have been working alongside the CDC and their "Healthier Together" program. My classes have been visiting less-fortunate areas throughout the state and coming up with designs to improve their communities. This program is designed to improve the community infrastructure, in order to help improve the overall health of the residents.  We are working with the governments in 5 different rural counties to create recreational areas and help improve their overall connectivity and walkability. We have been presenting our designs at community meetings, gathering feedback, and making changes tailored to the needs of the community members.
Arlington Park
Calhoun County, GA
1.) Ample Parking
2.) Community buildings
3.) Amphitheater
4.) Baseball Field
5.)2 Basketball Courts
6.) Playground
7.) Splashpad
8.) Extensive Sidewalks
Arlington Park, located in Calhoun County, GA, is a large recreational area that we proposed. This site is an existing park that is falling into disarray. Our proposals intend to make the park more accessible and usable by people of all ages and abilities. The revamp of this park is intended to improve the conditions, in hopes of bringing together the community and creating a space for everyone.

Arlington Park Cost Sheet
This budget sheet lays out all of the associated costs of the project including the supplies and installation fees. The total costs include the profit and overhead that would be charged by the potential contractors. 
Edison Horse Park
Calhoun County, GA
The Edison Horse Park is another project we have been working on in Calhoun County. This project is revamping an old horse track located next to a retirement home. This project is intended to make the space more usable for the community, as well as the elderly residents of the retirement community. This design features a large community garden, bocce and basketball courts, a sensory garden, and extensive sidewalks throughout. 
Community Presentations
Photos from various community presentations throughout the semester. These community meeting are designed for us to show off our work and get feedback on how our designs should be changed.
Site Visits
Photos from a site visit to Taliaferro County, GA. Site visits are a vital part of the design process, as it allows us to witness, firsthand, the existing conditions and propose interventions accordingly.

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